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The Objectives


Unite key industry experts and stakeholders to identify fundamental challenges in the manufacturing sector and provide transformational ideas and solutions, along with a vision for the future that supports and benefits the private and public sectors, and civil society.


Facilitate a productive knowledge exchange at the highest levels that will highlight gaps and opportunities within global research and development as well as identify new solutions and ideas.


Encourage the development of manufacturing capabilities, particularly among SMEs, and promote global value chains across key manufacturing industries.


Showcase a series of cross-industry R&D pilot projects that reflect the potential of convergent technologies and that will act as a catalyst to future collaborations and partnerships.


Articulate a roadmap for lasting international development and prosperity that will define capacity development priorities, standardise regulations, address labour issues and enhance environmental protections.


Create a unique networking forum for international cooperation that will result in pivotal cross-border investment growth, lucrative partnership opportunities and the sharing of relevant technological advancements. 


Manufacturing was once a natural destination for young people looking for rewarding careers, but today’s employers are struggling to attract the right calibre in sufficient numbers. Making manufacturing aspirational to youths across all nations can and will reverse this trend. 


Provide a comprehensive, unbiased post-Summit report as a tangible data resource for future decision-making that will summarise the key findings and can be widely circulated to influential media and organisations, including the United Nations.