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Mar 2019

Moscow, Russia



GMIS Connect Moscow aims at gathering policymakers, private sector representatives, academia and R&D centers, and civil society to discuss and explore the innovative potential of convergent technologies inspired by nature and Industry 4.0. The unique linkage may well contribute to solve some of the challenges faced in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 9, “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation” and SDG 12, “Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns”.

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  • 8:30 9:00

    Registration and refreshments

  • 9:00 9:10

    Chair’s opening remarks

  • 9:10 9:30

    Welcome Address from GMIS

  • 9:40 10:00

    Welcome Address from UNIDO

  • 9:40 9:50

    Keynote Address: Ushering in a new era of sustainable industrialisation

  • 10:00 10:45

    Panel Discussion 1: Innovation, competitiveness and Industry 4.0

    Russia has deployed an ambitious diversification strategy aimed at boosting innovation and growth in science and technologies sectors, with a major focus on manufacturing. Gaps in skills development, uncertain IP regulations and complex public-private sector partnerships have created some challenges, but with the government firmly committed to driving sustainable industrialisation and economic diversification as well as improving manufacturing competitiveness, the country is making huge strides in taking a leadership position in embracing Industry 4.0 and the opportunities it presents. This session will bring together a cross-section of industry stakeholders to explore some of the challenges and opportunities that one of the world’s largest economies is facing as it works on increasing its competitiveness, driving innovation and establishing its position as a global manufacturing powerhouse.
    • Russian Innovation Strategy 2020
    • Increasing transparency in IP regulations
    • STEM education, up-skilling programmes and continued professional development
    • Collaboration, cooperation and the potential of public-private partnerships
    • Improving Russian competitiveness and innovative capacity
    • Enabling technology transfer and knowledge transfer
    • Entrepreneurship and innovation: Tapping into the start-up ecosystem

  • 10:45 11:15

    Refreshments and networking

  • 11:15 12:00

    Panel discussion 2: Harnessing the potential of Industry 4.0 and nature-inspired technologies

    Big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things are key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that enable industrial transformation through simulations, artificial intelligence, and systems integration. Production processes will change fundamentally through additive manufacturing, autonomous machines and human-machine interaction. The confluence of these new digital technologies includes the convergence of nano, biological, physical, cognitive and computing technologies inspired by nature. The "convergent technologies" open up new realms for innovative material and product design, optimised production processes, and sustainable and environmentally friendly production and consumption. The session will discuss the linkages between convergent technologies and Industry 4.0 including:
    • Robotic design inspired by nature
    o Bat-like drones
    o Underwater robots used for repairing oil and gas rigs, e.g. robotic eels perform repair tasks without putting human engineers at risk
    • Artificial Intelligence inspired by nature
    o Swarm AI applying collective decision-making of honeybees to human questions
    • 3D printing inspired by nature
    o To build new materials, substitute existing materials and develop new fabrication processes, e.g. lightweight cement pipes that are 3D printed with an internal network of support structure that simulate bird’s bones
    • Digital storage inspired by nature
    o Efficient storage of data in three dimensional DNA
    • Energy generation through osmosis
    o Power plants using osmotic processes to generate carbon-free electricity

  • 12:00 12:20

    Introducing the Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity

    Harnessing the potential of 4IR technologies for social impact, sustainable outcomes and the greater societal good

  • 12:20 12:30


  • 13:30 15:30

    Design Thinking Workshop Factories of the Future: Finding Solutions to Tomorrow’s Challenges

    Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a Design Thinking Workshop that will engage the audience in identifying top priorities and potential solutions to key challenges facing the manufacturing sector in a time of technological transformation.

    Topics for discussion include:

    • What needs to be done in Russia to motivate the management in the manufacturing sector to take that leap and invest in digitisation/automation?
    • How can we help Russian manufacturing companies scale up? And how can technology enable that scale up?
    • How can we support start-ups and SMEs to help drive tech innovation as well as facilitating growth in the manufacturing sector?
    • What needs to be done in Russia to retain talented STEM professionals that take up careers abroad? And how can we better involve academia and industry in this process?
    • How do traditional education structures need to adapt to the transformation of industry to ensure skills development is aligned with future employment requirements in an era of rapid technological advancement?
    • How can we put sustainability at the heart of industrial strategy, mitigating environmental impact without impacting global competitiveness?

  • 15:30

    End of Design Thinking Workshop and close of GMIS Connect Moscow

    Following the event a summary of proceedings including outputs from the interactive session will be produced and shared with attendees.

For event related questions, please contact:

Olga Mamizheva

Events Manager


For programme related questions or speaking opportunities, please contact:

Sarah Meredith

Head of Programming



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