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GMIS 2017 Opening Ceremony

Badr Al Olama’s Opening Statement
UAE Minister of Economy Sultan Al Mansouri’s Opening Statement
UNIDO Director General Li Yong’s Opening Statement
Opening Panel Discussion
GMIS Outdoor Mapping
GMIS Hologram Launch show

Summit Day 1

GMIS 2017 Day 1 Opening Remarks
Abu Dhabi Dept. of Economic Development Welcome Address
Sustainable Strategies Today To Secure A Prosperous Tomorrow
Yosuke Takagi’s Keynote Address
Faster, Weirder, Better: The Future of Work in the Emergent Era
Navigating the Emerging Industrial Renaissance Keynote Interview – David Shark
Digitalisation – Driving Innovation, Transforming Society
Rethink Manufacturing! We’re in the Experience Economy
Keynote Panel: Harnessing the Power of Disruption
Focus on United States
Focus on Asia Pacific
Focus on Europe
Hyperloop and Manufacturing – This Changes Everything
UAE’s Industrial Development Strategy 2021
The Role of Incubators Sustaining the Ecosystem
Focus on the Food & Beverage Industry
Focus on the Automotive Industry
Ecosystem Industrial in Industrial Projects
Focus on the Healthcare Industry

Summit Day 2

GMIS 2017 Day 2 Opening Remarks
Transportation of the Future with H.E. Mattar Mohammed Al-Tayer
Transportation of the Future with Mudassir Sheikha
The Transformative Implications of Dark Data for Manufacturing and Society
Shifting Economies and the Trends of Tomorrow
On the Edge of Technological Convergence
Finding Transformational Ideas in the Age of Disruption
The Great Debate: Skills 4.0
Focus on the Aerospace Industry
Focus on Africa
Focus on the Textile & Garments Industry
Focus on Latin America
Focus on the Electronics Industry

Summit Day 3

GMIS 2017 Day 3 Opening Remarks
Driving Change: A New Roadmap for Sustainable Industrialisation
Financing in the New Age of Technological Convergence
The Next 50 Years
The Infrastructure of the Future
Fireside Chat: Emerging Global Supply Chains
A Focus on Human Capital, Innovation, Diversification and Global Security
GMIS 2017 closing remarks