Sao Paulo brasil




CNI São Paulo
Rua Surubim, 504 – Brooklin Novo


25 November 2016


9:00 – 9:30Registration for All Workshop Attendees
9:30 – 9:40 Welcome speech

Jose Augusto Coelho Fernandes (CNI)

09:40 – 09:55 GMIS Presentation

Badr Al-Olama (GMIS)

09:55 – 10:05 MoU Announcement
10:05 – 10:35

Panel Discussion

The future of manufacturing Moderator

Mr. Jose Augusto Coelho Fernandes (CNI)


  • Ms. Ana Cristina Rodrigues da Costa (BNDES Brazilian Development Bank)
  • Mr. José Menezes (MDIC Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services)
  • Tino Petsch
  • Mr. Joao Carlos Ferraz (UFRJ Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
10:35 – 11:15  Interactive Group Discussion

The facilitator will provide a general introduction to the discussion topics. Participants are asked to discuss the topics which emerged from the initial speeches and answer the following questions:

1) What are the most critical upcoming technological developments that will affect manufacturing and your industry over the next 10-20 years?

2) How can your industry respond to emerging technological disruptions and what needs to be done by other stakeholders?

3) Considering the impact of the technological change, what modifications in corporate business practices will be necessary to cope with them? How do you imagine your company in, let’s say, twenty years?

11:15 – 12:00 Debrief and Conclusions

The groups are asked to summarize in 2-3 minutes their findings regarding the questions. The facilitator then thanks the participants and summarizes the main conclusions

12:00 – 13:00Networking & Lunch
13:30 – 16:00B2B Meetings (attendees TBC)

Contact Information

For additional information and further inquiries about future roadshows, please contact:

Ms. Jessica Schroeder
phone: +971 55 207 0221