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The UAE Pavillion

The Manufacturing Expo will also host the UAE Pavilion; a dedicated area connected with the main exhibitors hall, in which visitors will gain insight into the state of UAE manufacturing and its contribution to global value chains.

The innovation and vision of the United Arab Emirates has seen the country transform from a desolate desert landscape into a thriving cosmopolitan destination that not only contributes to, but competes in, the global marketplace. Its commitment to excellence, forward-thinking and creativity are just some of the reasons why this pioneering country has become an international hub for businesses and entrepreneurial thinking. The development of the local manufacturing industry is reflective of the nation’s economic diversification plan.

The pavilion will offer unique opportunities for UAE manufacturing companies to exhibit and showcase their products to all of the attendees. It aims to display the very best of UAE talent including important innovations in R&D, production, process and environmental sustainability.

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